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The Alias: Dearly Departed ficathon master list!

On "Alias," nobody was ever dead for long. If the show didn't resurrect everyone, that's only because they didn't get the chance.

That's where we step in.

Today is the deadline for the "Alias: Dearly Departed" ficathon, in which everyone has written stories that bring back at least one person "killed off" in the show. Keep in mind that just the titles or summaries may necessarily contain spoilers through the season finale. Ficathon participants, comment to this post with the link to your story; I will update the list in the post itself as the day goes on. If you're just reading, enjoy!

"My So-Called Afterlife" by yahtzee63 for silk_knickers: Francie's dead. Except she is also not dead. Confused yet? She's right there with ya.

"Chances" by fan_elune for jade_olekani: Jack is dreaming. In between dreams, Jack is vaguely conscious. By all accounts, that should mean that Jack isn't dead.

"Coda" by 2cbetter for Brenda Wood: This is a different telling and spin on how things should have ended in the Alias universe in which I attempt to address certain requirements... in other words Jack lives while several others don't. It is at this time a work-in-progress.

"Practically Perfect People (Never Let Sentiment Muddle Their Thinking)" by silk_knickers for alittlebriton: Fifteen years later, some things still haven't changed. (Sarkney, with not-dead!Jack, dead!Vaughn, and Isabelle as a very minor plot point.)

"Of Time Between" by melanie_anne for urbandruid: She kept telling herself that it didn't matter that she dreamed of a man she didn't know and couldn't even remember who she was. She wasn't crazy.

"The Instincts of a Good Man" by vaznetti for superswank: And she's imagining herself carrying Jack around while Vaughn shows Isabelle the city when something catches her eye: gray hair, the shape of a head, later on she'll never know quite what drew her eye and made her push through the people and hurry her steps to catch up with him and rest her hand on his arm.

"Sunday in the Park" by cupcakery for clannadlvr: Parks are supposed to be nice, idyllic places where children can play, and not be watched by their supposed to be dead grandmother.

"Somewhere Only We Know" by superswank for melanie_anne: "This," Jack motioned toward his healthy, fully-restored body, "was an accident."

"butterflies on a sunny day" by thislittlelady for miladygrey: It is a long journey, now.

Lucid and Departed" by littledivinity for ramdonomo: Dreams do not truly have the hazy edge that television and cinema lend to them.

"Finding" by delordra for andi_horton: In the world of Alias, it's best to take nothing at face value. If you want something badly enough, search for it and you just might find it, even if it seems lost forever.

"Things That Never Were" by jade_olekani for eirina: There were whole worlds lived and ended inside every single moment.

"Afterlife" by handful_of_sky for spazzo47: Jack is back, and Rambaldi was wrong all along.

"Moving On" by alittlebriton for resmin: Really, you do start to move on after the first month.

"in the pulse {there lies conviction}" by thedaytheystop for kerlin: It happens quickly. For all of her theorizing about the slow, painful slime of merging fluid, it happens in a matter of seconds. Rambaldi is merciful, she thinks later. There is no pain.

"Retrospect" by andi_horton for brinshanna: We can't all bake cookies and knit mittens. Some of us were never meant to be mothers; how can we be grandmothers, too?

"Coffin Key" by clannadlvr for natushka: For the first time, Jack Bristow is one hundred percent positive that he knows something about Irina to be true. Now he just has to find her to prove it.

"Somewhere in Time" by eirina for irinafan: It is another few years before Jack finally initiates contact. They each of them have all the time in the world, and he's petty enough to want to make her wait on him for a change.

"Family Habits (Are Highly Irregular)" by olga_theodora for handful_of_sky: “Your furniture will not regenerate, Sydney,” she informed her daughter calmly. “I suggest you save your bullets.”

"Talitha, Cumi" by miladygrey for sunshine_queen: Nadia has been resurrected twice, but remembers nothing about either time. No bright lights, no tunnels, no insights. Just coming to consciousness in a hospital bed, feeling change hovering around her.

Untitled by irinafan for gentilhomme: The last shard wandered into the wastebasket, and she wanted to weep when she looked down into it. Glass shards, a little blood and torn paper. Nothing ever changed. (WIP)

"All Bristow" by joylee56 for 2cbetter: That phrase, 'it's never too late'? Well, sometimes it isn't, Jack discovers. With a little help from his daughter and friends he didn't know he had. (WIP)

"Long Time Coming" by annebelle_ca for larinzia: Sydney’s blood froze in her veins and everything swayed for a moment. She blinked carefully and shook her head before looking back to the woman standing next to Weiss. “This isn’t possible…,” she whispered, “you died.”

"Like Old Times" by spazzo47 for annebelle_ca: The Spy team (and some of their enemies) are back together for another mission.

"Four Explanations" by resmin for cupcakery: It's too much information and not enough, she's lying in a hospital bed but she doesn't know how she got here.

"Only to Survive" by sunshine_queen for [Bad username: this little lady]: She parted his lips and lifted his head, and the contents of the goblet were given to someone worthy.

"Our Land of Living" by kerlin for missimm: I have been out of the world for a time.

"Just As If" by larinzia for delordra: Irina is visiting the only family she has left. She yearns for a different future while relishing her past.

"The Mathematics of Loyalty" by gentilhomme for littledivinity: Lauren had learned the most important lessons from her mother over the years. Never wear white shoes after Labor Day. Discussing money in public is gauche. Sometimes the ends justify the means.

"A Decade Under the Influence" by natushka for joylee56: She was positive that happy endings didn’t happen to people in her profession.

"Truth Takes Time" by brinshannara for non_horation: How many times does a woman have to fake her own death?

"Feels Like Home" by non_horation for olga_theodora: Jack Bristow was probably one of the only men on the planet who did not wish to live forever.

"Mask of Mirrors" by yahtzee63 for fan_elune: Simon knows Julia Thorne too well not to recognize her inside Sydney Bristow.

"A Hint of Far-Off Things" by kerlin for thedaytheystop: "You accident."

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen. - Edward de Bono

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